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welcome! my name is ADAM BERARD. i was born and raised in a small town in MAINE. (yes, it is as magical as you have heard.) my heart lives on the STAGE, but don't get me wrong: i am more and more intrigued by work on the SCREEN with each project i complete. i'm so excited to keep exploring that world!


i know what you're thinking when you see those GLASSES: what a NERD! and you'd be right. i've rocked that label for as long as i can remember. between my obsession with BOOKS and VIDEO GAMES, my incessant need for more and more LEARNING, and my knack for TRIVIA, there's hardly a style of "nerd" i don't fit. and honestly why not lean into that? being who i am has gotten me to where i am today.

much of my life has been shaped by nearly a decade of working as a CAMP COUNSELOR; working with kids has taught me more about myself than any "real" job could, and i think that sense of MAGIC and FUN has translated into my creative work. it was here, too, that i learned the true value of TEAMWORK and COMMUNITY that inspires and drives me as an artist and a human being. rediscovering my sense of play at camp proved to me that i was pursuing the right career here in nyc. i hope you agree.

so come on in and have a blast exploring my site. i sure had a good time designing it 🤓


"i'd imagine the whole world was one big machine. machines never come

with any extra parts, you know. they always come with the exact amount

they need. so i figured, if the entire world was one big machine, i couldn't

be an extra part. i had to be here for some reason."                


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